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Gre and grp pipes

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Gre and grp pipes - фотография #1 Gre and grp pipes - фотография #2 Gre and grp pipes - фотография #3
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Company will make and will put to your address fiber-glass pipe, diameter from 50 to 4000mm; pressure to 37 Mpa.
1. Pipes glass-fiber for swapping of commodity and not commodity oil (to DN-300).
2. Pipes FRP (to DN-4000). Pipes for HES.
3. Pipes fiber glass (to DN-1000).
4. Capacities nonmetallic fiber-glass for storage of aggressive liquids (to DN-4200).
5. Pipelines for aggressive liquids and the chemical industry (to DN-1000).
6. We will put chop, fiber glass, mat, roving.
7. We will put the equipment for manufacture GRP of pipes.
Also manufacturing of pipes and GRP capacities under individual orders. The company has mobile station for manufacture GRP pipes and fittings for performance of large images-projects.

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