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Проект для получения кредита

Добавлено: 6 сентября 2016 г. в 7:51  |  Москва  |  Просмотров: 176  |  ID: 2616276
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40 950 000 руб.
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Initiator of the project: Company «NPG», represented by the founders.
The essence of the project:
Organization of manufacture of GRP pipes for water and wastewater systems, as well as pipes for the oil industry in the two-component epoxy binder and pipes for the formation water and highly corrosive wastewater.
Existing industrial area:
Total production land area - 16000m2
Two industrial case (24x60x8 and 15x36x5)
Warehouse for raw materials, an area of 576m2
An office building, an area of 144m2
The production area is located in an industrial area, fully fenced and paved, has a branch line, fully secured by electricity, water and sewerage system.
Project cost: 50 950 000,00 EURO
1. Manufacturing, support and administrative buildings and facilities - 9 000 000 EURO
2. Arrangements for pre-project period (documentation, reconstruction of buildings and construct

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