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Construction of pipelines water pipelines and sewers

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Construction of pipelines water pipelines and sewers
The company "NPG" offers its services for the construction of pipelines. Our company has a staff of top-class, on a park full of specialized equipment that permits the construction of pipelines in soils of varying complexity, which in turn allows for not only the construction of pipelines and the laying of high-quality engineering services. The latest techniques allow the construction of pipelines and pipeline construction in record time.
Our manufacturing facilities provide an opportunity to carry out installation of various types of pipes:
installation of water and sewerage systems;
geomembrane waterproofing film of buildings and structures;
Trim materials of construction projects.
Heat pipelines
When a pipeline organization of work and equipment are such that we are guaranteed to pave the engineering communications networks, even where performance of such tasks by traditional methods would be difficult and someti
10 000 000 руб.
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