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High-quality translations for tourists and offshore companies

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High-quality translations for tourists and offshore companies

High-quality translations for tourists and offshore companies в Москве

OUR TEAM OF LAWYERS -TRANSLATORS FROM LOGOS TRANSLATION BUREAU AT NOTARY OFFICE OFFERS HIGH-QUALITY TRANSLATIONS of documents for execution of passports and visas for education and work abroad, registration and certification of Russian, offshore companies and representative offices
We offer high-quality translation and notary certification of:
- passports, labour books, consent for minor children to travel;
- birth / marriage conclusion / marriage cancellation / change of name
certificates, certificates of state registration of the right;
- job references, resumes and recommendations
- statements of account, Individual Person’s Income statements (NDFL);
- driving licenses, licenses of various specialists;
- diplomas, certificates, mark record sheets;
- Insurance of Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance (OSAGO) and Vehicle Registration Certificates (PTS);
- Arbitration court decisions;
extracts from Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRN), licenses, tax registration certificates;
- consignments, EU (EX, SMR) customs and export declarations, invoices;
- financial statements: P&L accounts, annual balance sheets, auditor’s opinions,
- statutory documents for Russian, offshore companies and Representative offices, tax declarations;
- EU, UK and USA quality certificates, technical and medical documentation
LOGOS Translation Bureau at Barrikadnaya street
Moscow, Big Gruzinskaya, building 20, Notary Office
For certification by Moscow city Notary and translation by Logos (10:00-18:00 Monday- Saturday, Sunday – non-working day)
phone 8 495 780 29 22
mobile phone 8-963-710-2513

Сайт:   www.bplogos.mpi.ru

400 руб.
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Logos translation bureau
Адрес:Moscow, Big Gruzinskaya 20
High-quality translations for tourists and offshore companies
Россия, Московская область, Москва, Moscow, Big Gruzinskaya 20
Цена: 400 руб.